In Situ Heating, Spectroscopy, and Microscopy: Advanced Correlative Studies in the SEM


  • Overview

    Integrated SEM-Raman and in situ SEM systems are becoming increasingly utilized for certain areas of material analysis. One area where integrated SEM-Raman systems have become indispensable is for in-situ dynamic studies under different conditions. Conditions such as temperature and pressure can now be modified with commercially available in situ stages as well as alternating pressure systems.

    In this webinar, we will present results captured by integrated SEM-Raman systems with the Protochips Fusion heating stage for in situ studies. We will also present new characterization tools enabled by in situ heating within the SEM including EBSD analysis of materials at temperatures up to 1000ºC.

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  • Speakers

    Sergey Prikhodko, Ph. D.,
    Associate Adjunct Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering,
    University of California Los Angeles; Director of Electron Microscopy Core Laboratory
    Jordan Moering, Ph. D.,
    Marketing Communications Manager,
    Alexandra Taylor,
    Associate Editor,