We are pleased to announce the three winners of the 2016 ACS Nano Lectureship Awards. The winners are Prof. Lifeng Chi for the Asia/Pacific region, Prof. Christopher Murray for the Americas, and Prof. Andrea Ferrari for Europe/Africa/Middle East. All are frequent contributors and advisors to ACS Nano.

  • Prof. Lifeng Chi is a professor at Soochow University. Her research focuses on supramolecular chemistry on surfaces, in particular molecular assembly and reactions, molecular patterning, and structured functional surfaces.
  • Prof. Christopher Murray is a Penn Integrates Knowledge Professor at the University of Pennsylvania. His research focuses on the integration of precise nanocrystals into devices and technologies.
  • Prof. Andrea Ferrari is Professor and Director of the Cambridge Graphene Centre at the University of Cambridge. His research focuses on carbon nanomaterials and he is a pioneer in the study of graphene.

The lectureships and companion lectures will be presented August 30 at the European Conference on Surface Science (ECOSS) 2016 meeting in Grenoble, France.

Please be sure to join us there!

Past Winners:

2015 — Asia/Pacific –  Hua Zhang, Nanyang Technological University
2015 — The Americas – Peidong Yang, University of California, Berkeley
2015 — Europe/Middle East/Africa – Maurizio Prato, University of Trieste
2014 — Asia/Pacific – Amanda S. Barnard, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization
2014 — The Americas – Chad Mirkin, Northwestern University
2014 — Europe/Middle East/Africa – Klaus Müllen, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research
2013 — Asia/Pacific – Kian Ping Loh, National University of Singapore
2013 — The Americas – Zhong Lin Wang, Georgia Institute of Technology
2013 — Europe/Middle East/Africa – Itamar Willner, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2012 — Asia/Pacific – Frank Caruso, University of Melbourne
2012 — The Americas – James M. Tour, Rice University
2012 — Europe/Middle East/Africa – Luis M. Liz-Marzán, University of Vigo (now, Basque Centre of Cooperative Research in Biomaterials CIC biomaGUNE)

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