Announced in 2019, the ACS Central Science Disruptors & Innovators Prize complements the journal’s ambition to showcase exceptional science, by recognizing an individual or group who – through their innovative research – is advancing the central science.
Carolyn R. Bertozzi
ACS Central Science, Editor-in-Chief

Recipients of the ACS Central Science Disruptors & Innovators Prize are identified by canvassing and selection committees composed of visionaries from across chemistry and its allied fields.

Beginning Fall 2019, the canvassing committee sought out nominations for consideration by the selection committee.

Once notified, nominees will work with the ACS Central Science Managing Editor and ACS Coordinating Editor to assemble application documents for review by the selection committee.

The selection committee made their final determination in Spring 2020.
Awardees are invited to write a Disruptor’s Outlook for publication in ACS Central Science. They will also present an oral lecture at the ACS Central Science Disruptors & Innovators Symposium and Reception.


  • ACS Central Science Disruptors & Innovators Prize
  • $10,000 prize honorarium
  • Travel and accommodations to attend an ACS National Meeting (Up to $2,000)
  • ACS Membership for 2 years

The ACS Central Science Disruptors & Innovators Prize is awarded every two years, beginning in 2020.

Questions regarding the ACS Central Science Disruptors & Innovators Prize can be directed to ACS Central Science Managing Editor, Sofia Garakyaraghi.

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