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Experiential Education: Mass Spectrometry Enters the Undergrad Lab

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Inexpensive compact mass spectrometers are expected to continue their charge into university teaching laboratories, where their speed, usability and robustness are enabling – in many cases, for the first time – undergraduate students to have hands-on experience with an instrument that they are increasingly likely to encounter if they progress through a scientific career.

Key Learning Objective

  • The use of mass spectrometry is continuing to grow.
  • To support the field’s growth, it important to train the next generation of scientists in practical mass spectrometry.
  • Giving undergraduates hands-on training in the teaching lab is becoming easier and more affordable thanks to a new generation of small, robust mass spectrometers.
  • Students are the beneficiaries of an experiential mass spectrometry education.

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Experiential Education: Mass Spectrometry Enters the Undergrad Lab

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