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Transition GC/MS instruments to hydrogen without compromising performance
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Recent helium shortages have become acute in many regions, resulting in price increases, and even stopped shipments. These shortages jeopardize the operations of labs that depend on gas chromatography. Hydrogen (H2) being a low-cost and easy to procure gas is a good alternative to helium. However, owing to its non-inert nature, it causes unwanted reactions in the MS source.

The Agilent HydroInert source addresses this problem and is ideal for labs that are considering hydrogen but are worried about analytical limitations.

HydroInert allows you to:
• Prevent work stoppages caused by insufficient helium supplies
• Reduce sensitivity loss and spectral anomalies
• Achieve faster, shorter separations
• Minimize downtime caused by system maintenance and ion source cleaning

In this collection of app notes, you will learn about resources from Agilent to ease the transition from helium to hydrogen, allowing GC/MS labs uninterrupted operations.

Key Objectives:
  • HydroInert source performance for classes of chemicals that typically react with hydrogen carrier gas
  • Measuring PAHs and volatile organic compounds using the HydroInert source and hydrogen carrier gas

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Agilent Technologies
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