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High-Performance Biopharma Analysis
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The growing complexity of biopharma analysis calls for innovation that delivers excellence across the biopharmaceutical workflow. The new Agilent InfinityLab Bio LC Solutions offer a complete range of fully biocompatible and bio-inert LC systems, bio-columns, MS detection, software and services. Rest assured that you will achieve robust and accurate results, from drug discovery and development to QA/QC.

This comprehensive application compendium provides a list of twelve current applications involving CQAs, metabolomics, oligonucleotides, and more, demonstrating the high performance and versatility of the InfinityLab Bio LC Solutions for bioanalysis.

Key Objectives:

  • Which CQAs are most relevant
  • How to analyze CQAs and other biomolecules
  • Discover the advantages of a bio-compatible system over a stainless-steel system

Brought to you by:
Agilent Technology
Agilent Technologies
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