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Microplate readers: solutions and best practices for chemical assays
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Originally developed with a focus on life science, microplate readers have increasingly found their way into chemical applications. Due to the great advantages they offer in terms of time, reagent and ultimately cost savings, they have become an indispensable tool for analytical and testing applications, thereby covering the whole range of chemical research.

In this white paper, we highlight what you have to consider when looking for a microplate reader for chemical applications. Moreover, we discuss case study applications in chemical research from analysis and optimization of compound synthesis, to compound solubility and efficacy tests.

Key Objectives:
  • Basic plate reader features that are key to chemical applications and that should be considered when looking for a new instrument
  • Which advanced features will help you to establish “walk-away” solutions for your kinetic assays
  • Practical use: case study applications ranging from analysis to evaluation of synthesized compounds

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BMG Labtech
BMG Labtech
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