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2017 Recruitment Media Kit


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C&ENjobs is the only career center that allows employers to reach 157,000 ACS members and 25 million scientific researchers via multiple touchpoints! As a leading scientific recruitment marketing resource, C&ENjobs knows that employers with a strong talent brand drive 2x the amount of applicants per job compared to others.

You've already learned how our new native advertising custom content studio, C&EN BrandLab can help create a strong talent brand for employers. Here, in the pages of our traditional C&ENjobs media kit, you'll learn more about our job seeker audience and how to reach them via online job postings, sponsored events, display ads, and more!

Why download?

  • Learn how to develop talent pipelines for future hiring efforts
  • View our new online job posting packages for C&ENjobs
  • Learn how display ads in C&EN Magazine can win the attention of potential candidates
  • Discover what makes our job seekers qualified. From education to work experience, we have the demographics data to assure you that you're reaching the right candidates