Flexibility and High-Throughput Enable Fast Fragrance Analysis


  • Overview

    Fast analysis has been an ongoing challenge in different analytical fields, especially in the flavor and fragrance area. The large variety and complexity of samples often requires laborious sample preparation, long analysis time and frequent maintenance.

    The Intuvo 9000 GC system provides an exceptional platform for high-throughput GC-MS analysis. Fast heating and cooling rates, easy-to-set-up backflush and Guard Chip technology enables labs to maximize productivity by speeding up analysis and drastically reduce downtime due to maintenance.

    Specifically, in our lab, the Intuvo 9000 paired with a 5977B mass spectrometer and PAL autosampler equipped with 96 well plates, allowed the analysis of 1152 samples in 4.4 days vs. 9.6 days with a conventional GC system operating in fast mode. With the Intuvo, analysis time was reduced of 2.2 times while still maintaining the necessary resolution in our methodology. Additionally, reduction in maintenance requirements have drastically improved using the features available with the Intuvo.

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  • Speakers

    Alessandro Casilli,
    Sr. Scientist Analytical Innovation Team,
    Global R&D Division
    Jeff Huber,
    Contributing Editor,
    C&EN Media Group