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A Closer Look At Cannabis Testing

Analytical and Measuring Instruments

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Cell Culture Basics HandBook

Cannabis testing is a rapidly growing business expected to exceed $8 billion in 2017. It is fueled by many factors including consumer demand, evolving legislation, and growing evidence of the benefits of medical marijuana, which is now legal in 23 states and the District of Columbia. Numerous other states are currently considering efforts to legalize cannabis for medical purposes. Accurate and reliable testing for the hundreds of compounds in marijuana strains,especially regarding potency and safety, is critical. This White Paper provides a broad overview of the latest research and attitudes towards marijuana, and focuses on the key lab and technical considerations that are required for successful cannabis testing.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Chemistry and Biomedical Properties of Cannabis
  • Cannabis Consumption & Delivery
  • Towards Personalized Cannabis Therapies
  • Cannabis Analytical Testing
  • Algorithms Enable Segmentation, Growth Kinetics, and Cell Proliferation and Migration Analyses
  • Considerations for Future Cannabis Testing