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Search Support: How Digital Tools Are Helping Chemists Navigate The Vast Scientific Literature Landscape
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Access to published chemical content is essential to the research and development process. In the era of big data, the breadth of available chemical content is vast and steadily expanding. Chemists may find themselves spending more time trying to track down and gain access to the content they need. Once they have it, understanding copyright laws and safe sharing practices are also essential for team collaboration.

Digital tools can help overcome these challenges and streamline how chemists access, manage, and share the content they need. Integrated software that incorporates search engine and document delivery features will expand the information resources chemists have access to. Built-in features that also address copyright compliance will further ensure information is being shared between team members in a safe manner. This whitepaper from Copyright Clearance Center covers how digital information tools help chemists efficiently navigate the literature landscape, freeing up time for researchers to focus on the planning and experimentation that drive innovation.

Key Objectives:
  • How digital tools can help chemists overcome information overload in the literature landscape
  • How integrated software can deliver published chemical content whenever and wherever chemists need it
  • What features to look for in literature software including copyright compliant sharing

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Copyright Clearance Center
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