Build the perfect collection for your school

ACS Evidence-Based Acquisition (EBA) empowers libraries to take control of book acquisition while eliminating the guesswork:

With a commitment to purchase a minimum number of peer-reviewed ACS eBooks, we provide full access to evaluate our entire collection of nearly 1,600 books for up to one year.

After your evaluation term, we’ll assist you in reviewing usage or other data to select the books you wish to own in perpetuity, which will be available to unlimited simultaneous users with unlimited usage.

Why choose ACS EBA:

  • Choose the number of books that fit your budget
  • Have confidence you’re investing in the books your patrons genuinely need and use
  • For the cost to own only a handful of books, sample our entire collection for a full year
  • Cost effective options provide low per-book cost and libraries have the ability to choose any number of books that is greater than the minimum to get started.

Get Started

Complete this form and a we’ll schedule a time to review the details and help you get started with ACS EBA.

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