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A New Platform for GC-MS Analysis of Complex Samples
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In this presentation, we will discuss a new, completely redesigned high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometer for GC-MS analysis that combines a new TOF analyzer with integrated software that makes use of all of the available information to identify compounds in complex mixtures. Specifically, this new GC-MS system features increased resolving power (R > 30,000) and high mass accuracy (< 1 ppm) while also offering a full complement of ionization techniques.  These include classical electron ionization (EI), three kinds of soft Ionization (CI, PI, FI) and combination EI/FI/FD and EI/PI ion sources. Additionally, the system is equipped with new data analysis software that uses high resolution MS in combination with EI and soft ionization methods to automatically identify analytes within complex mixtures...

Key Objectives:

  • Learning about a new GC-HRMS system
  • Learning about a new automated workflow that simplifies GC-HRMS data analysis
  • Simplifying qualitative analysis through the use of EI and soft ionization with HRMS

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