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CITROCOAT® EP – a new effervescent compound for versatile applications
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Formulation of effervescent tablets can be tricky due to poor compressibility and segregation tendencies that come from different particle sizes of the components. Self-sustaining effervescent reaction is very sensitive to moisture that creates an additional challenge for product manufacturing and shelf life.
CITROCOAT® EP as an agglomerated compound has an edge over the use of separate components for tableting providing higher reactivity, better storage stability, compactibility and less granular convection. As an example, we are sharing a formulation of Multipurpose Cleaner tab where we were able to achieve the target tablet hardness with reduced compression force and improved tablet storage stability.

Key Objectives:
  • Effervescent applications and their common issues
  • Composition of CITROCOAT® EP – new effervescent compound
  • Advantages of CITROCOAT® EP in terms of reactivity, storage stability, compactibility for tablet formulations
  • Multipurpose cleaner formulation with CITROCOAT® EP and comparison to different citric acid grades

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