C&EN White Paper
Selecting a Column Geometry and Particle Size for Your Method and Instrument
Brought to you by MAC-MOD Analytical

Customers often ask how to decide which column size (length, ID, particle size) to use or which size to purchase for a new method development project. Such a decision can be made easier if you think about what you’d like to accomplish, and if you have some ways of making that decision more accurately, so that you ensure you will be successful. In this white paper, we will discuss some useful calculations that will help you choose a column that will be fit for your desired purpose.

Participants Will Learn How:
  • To match your desired column geometry and particle size with your instrument’s pressure limit and extracolumn dispersion, how to estimate column pressure, how to estimate extracolumn dispersion and volume
  • To use an online tool to determine which stationary phases are most similar and most orthogonal (dissimilar) to a given column
  • To get the most performance from highly efficient, low-volume columns

Brought to you by:
MAC-MOD Analytical
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