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Considerations and Best Practices for Mobile Phase Buffer Selection and pH Control for LC and LC-MS Method Development
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When developing a new LC or LC-MS separation, careful consideration of mobile phase composition is essential for optimizing peak shape, improving separation selectivity, and ensuring method robustness. For samples containing ionizable compounds, it is important to select and appropriate mobile phase pH to control the analyte ionization state, to achieve reliable retention times.This white paper discusses the important aspects to consider when selecting mobile phase buffers to ensure the development of robust and reproducible LC separations.

Key Objectives:
  • Learn about mobile phase buffer selection to improve their chromatography
  • Learn how controlling mobile phase pHwith buffers will reduce retention shifts
  • How accurately documenting procedures ensures method reliability and reproducibility

Brought to you by:
Mac-Mod Analytical
Considerations and Best Practices for Mobile Phase Buffer Selection and pHControl for LC and LC-MS Method Development
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