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Beyond the Pandemic: Fast-Track Lab Productivity with a Digital Key
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All labs face common challenges, including new ones posed by COVID-19. But, unlike our personal lives, most labs aren’t thoroughly digitalized. This makes those challenges—manual data capture, chemical handling, disposal of unused expired chemicals, real-time access to materials data from anywhere—harder to meet. What if we could create inventory efficiencies by slashing time spent on admin, boost data traceability by digitally ensuring materials/data integrity, and digitize paper trails by harmonizing user access to real-time information? We could indeed, using the LANEXO® Laboratory Inventory, Safety and Compliance Management System.

Key Objectives:
  • The time sinks and quality & safety risks associated with manual lab inventory management
  • Material lifecycle management in the laboratory
  • Components and benefits of the LANEXO® System
  • How the LANEXO® System helped one QC lab drastically slash the time it took them to handle their inventory
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about the LANEXO® System

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