Putting Brains Behind Your Personas:
How to Use Neuroscience to Connect with Your Target Audience

  • Overview â–¼

    This webinar is focused on how neuroscience insights can be used to grab and hold the attention of the decision makers you want to connect with. We will be sharing neuromarketing (neuroscience based marketing) best practices including defining target audiences and creating client personas.

    Throughout the webinar we will be using real examples from working with science companies and research institutes across North America. We will share how they implemented neuromarketing insights into their marketing strategies, how their personas were implemented and the impact their personas had on their overall marketing objectives.

    What about content creation? We will be covering that too! Topics will include how to repurpose some of your existing content in order to follow neuromarketing best practices, how to integrate persona insights into your content and how to use storytelling to build a lasting relationship with your key decision makers.

  • Speakers â–¼

    Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Ph.D.,
    Chuck Miller, MBA,
    The Market Element
    Jeffrey Lee,
    Senior Editor,
    C&EN BrandLab

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