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Beyond a Drawing Tool: The Evolution of a Comprehensive, Chemically-Intelligent Solution for Chemistry Communication
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As the world moves towards increased automation, electronic record-keeping, and cloud connectivity, there is also significant innovation in communication tools. For chemists, these innovations are bringing about revolutionary changes in how they share their research.
Learn how innovative software can empower today’s chemists to search, reuse, and report their ChemDraw data efficiently and seamlessly. This whitepaper delves into the current communication struggles in chemistry research and how they can be easily overcome with purpose-built, innovative software.

Key Objectives:
ChemDraw and ChemOffice+ Cloud simplifies, facilitates, and accelerates chemistry communication and transforms chemical drawings into shareable chemical knowledge.
  • How to overcome the lack of efficiency in conducting admin tasks, and how to navigate siloed reporting applications and databases.
  • How to easily search and find chemical data buried deep in your files. ChemOffice+ lets you extract and re-use existing chemical content from old ChemDraw files stored inside MS Word, PowerPoint, and SD files without having to open them.
  • How to create and manage lists of compounds and effortlessly produce reports. ChemOffice+ Cloud allows you to quickly create collections – lists of molecules or reactions with a reporting purpose – that you can annotate, edit, and export as PowerPoint and SD files.
  • How to automatically generate consistently formatted reports and make your chemistry more visually compelling and easier to follow.

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