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ChemDraw and ChemOffice+ Cloud Tips & Tricks

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There are many improvements to be made to chemical drawing and the way chemists communicate with one another. ChemDraw’s innovative capabilities help chemists work more efficiently, communicate their research more clearly, and reach crucial information faster.

Uncover hidden gems that have been part of ChemDraw for a long time and learn about new tips that will empower you to draw more efficiently, communicate your research visually, and expedite mundane tasks such as managing molecules and reactions as well as everyday reporting.

Key Objectives:
  • Find and organize your chemistry to produce lists of compounds and slides for easier reporting
  • Perform quick structure searches in all documents where chemical information is stored
  • Create collections of select chemical structure drawings and their associated properties
  • Draw complex reaction schemes without touching the mouse with Hotkeys & Shortcuts
  • Make your chemistry stand out with Atom/Bond/Ring coloring and 3D display

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