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6 essentials to get more out of your FT-IR instruments
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A modern FT-IR spectrometer should offer high performance, improve productivity, flexibility and the ability to collaborate from anywhere, anytime, and any device so you can get more out of your analyses.

This whitepaper examines in detail six essential capabilities that are needed in FT-IR instruments to advance research and accelerate new product development faster than your competitors.

Key Objectives:
High performance FT-IR measurements in all three ranges of the infrared spectrum through a single instrument present possibilities for analysis in a wide range of applications. Learn:
  • 6 essential capabilities that of FT-IR spectrometers that maximize productivity, sampling flexibility and collaboration
  • Applications of tri-range FT-IR - from analysis of fast reaction kinetics to method development in pharmaceuticals and raw material QA/QC
  • How cloud-connectivity helps teams collaborate remotely from anywhere, any device, and at any time.

Brought to you by:
Perkin Elmer
Perkin Elmer
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