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Reaching The Next Frontier Of The Chemical Industry With Digital Transformation

Brought to you by PerkinElmer Informatics

The chemical industry relies on innovation to drive growth and change. Yet recent market trends coupled with advancements in technology and rapidly evolving customer demands have prompted chemical companies to re-think their approach to product development and call for creative solutions. Digital tools are one solution to getting the most out of the current technological moment and spurring innovation of chemical products.

Over the past decade, digital tools have evolved to become more useful and accessible to the chemical industry. Cloud-based electronic lab notebooks and data analysis software, among others, can help chemists seamlessly collaborate and get the most out of their data. This eBook from PerkinElmer describes how digital transformation – the adoption and integration of digital tools across an organization’s operation – can push the chemical industry into the future, helping to ensure that companies can meet world chemical needs today and in the years to come.

Key Objectives:
  • Why and how digital tools can push innovation in the chemical sciences
  • How cloud-enabled laboratory notebooks and data sharing can break down data silos, facilitate data reuse, and enable easy communication between team members
  • How chemically-smart software can aid data analysis to help research and product teams identify promising products

Brought to you by:
PerkinElmer Informatics
PerkinElmer Informatics
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