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Analysis Methods for Cosmetic and Personal Care Applications
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The app note details several analysis methods for cosmetic applications. From pigment analysis and complex odor classification to particle size analysis of emulsions and non-animal skin sensitization testing methods, this application note covers analysis methods useful for cosmetic development, quality management, product improvement, and regulatory testing. By analyzing cosmetics, companies can prove both the quality and safety of their products with clear numerical data.

Key Objectives:
  • How to analyze for discoloration causes from organic/inorganic compounds.
  • How to analyze for volatile impurities in anhydrous ethanol and ethanol for disinfection.
  • How to analyze for complex malodorants and fragrant characteristics in aromatics.
  • Introduction to a new non-animal skin sensitization testing method.
  • How to undergo cosmetic related PFAS testing.
  • How to do pigment analysis for lipsticks, including vegan, halal, and organic lipsticks.
  • How to measure particle size of undiluted and diluted emulsions for hair conditioners.

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