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Recent Biopharmaceutical Chromatographic Advances
Brought to you by Showa Denko America manufacturer of Shodex columns

The chromatographic applications include purification and analysis of VLPs and antibody drugs, LC/MS and HILIC analysis of oligonucleotides, amino acids and other proteins.  The initial proof of concept of these biopharmaceutical applications displays recent advances in this growing field.

Key Objectives:
  • Norovirus VLP were purified from silkworms and investigated as a proof of concept
  • LC/MS analysis of various oligonucleotides were studied without the use of an ion-pair reagent
  • Additives and aggregates in antibody drugs were isolated using simple methods
  • Choline, acetylcholine, neurotransmitters, oral antidiabetic drugs and aminoglycoside antibiotics were analyzed on a single column

Brought to you by:
Showa Denko America
Recent Biopharmaceutical Chromatographic Advances
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