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Securing the drug supply is a global concern. The pharmaceutical industry is supported by a worldwide web of suppliers and chemical manufacturers. Knowing where raw materials are orginating and how they have been handled is complex, yet critical. From small-molecule drugs to more complex biologics, quality control is the key to a safe and secure drug supply. The 2013 US Drug Quality and Security Act was established to provide the FDA and drug manufacturers with guidance for handling drugs safely within this complex and rapidly expanding industry. Download the ebook to learn more about these emerging regulations and how they will impact both small-molecule and biopharmaceutical drug manufacturing.

Key Objectives:
  • Gain familiarity with the US Drug Quality and Security Act and what it means for the future of the pharmaceutical industry and drug supply chains.
  • Evaluate and update company policies to align with new drug security databases.
  • Learn about how quality control concerns differ for different classes of drugs, including small-molecule drugs, generic drugs, biologics, and biosimilars.

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