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Opening Doors to a Whole New View of Biology with Mass Spectrometry

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Liquid chromatography and mass spectrometery (LC-MS) have transformed the field of proteomics, enabling researchers to rapidly survey the contents of complex biological samples. However, until relatively recently it has proven challenging and labor-intensive to perform accurate comparisons across multiple samples.

Tandem mass tags (TMT) have proven to be a transformative tool in this regard. Using TMT technology, researchers can add isobaric labels to multiple samples, which can then be analyzed in a single tandem MS experiment. These capabilities are making it possible to sensitively detect rare peptide species, to identify differences between healthy and diseased tissue, and conduct sophisticated surveys of the cellular proteome. This ebook provides an overview of the TMT technology, and offers five case studies that illustrate some of the cutting-edge applications for which these reagents are being used.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn how TMT technology enables highly multiplexed sample analysis with LC-MS
  • Learn how synchronous precursor selection (SPS)-based MS3 unlocks the full potential of TMT technology
  • Explore powerful applications of this technology for both basic and clinical research
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