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Solubility: Importance, Measurements and Applications
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The trend towards more complex molecules, materials and systems brings new crystallization challenges for products such as pharmaceuticals. The solution to these challenges lies in a fundamental understanding of solubility - the driving force and crystallization kinetics onto which we can build innovative, integrated, and intensified continuous crystallization processes. Learn about methods for reliably measuring solubility with different solvents and of complex mixtures such as co-crystals. Selecting solvents and mixtures that spans the range of possible chemical functionalities will maximize the chances of finding new, interesting, and developable solid forms in drug discovery.

Key Objectives:
  • Understanding different measurement methods of solubility
  • In-depth look at dynamic measurement methods of solubility: the Temperate Variation (TV) method and the Solvent Addition (SA) method
  • Applying TV and SA methods in Co-crystal Screening

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