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Get in the mRNA vaccine race with affinity purification
Brought to you by Thermo Fisher Scientific

A new vaccine technology based on mRNA is being tested in human clinical trials, accelerated by the COVID-19 global pandemic. mRNA-based therapeutics for a range of other conditions, from cystic fibrosis to cancer, are also entering early stage clinical trials. As mRNA production rapidly scales up, the critical need for a highly scalable mRNA purification technology has also emerged.

Thermo Fisher’s POROS™ Oligo (dT)25 affinity resin is tailor made for scalable mRNA purification. The mRNA sticks to the resin and impurities are washed away. This whitepaper examines the need for highly scalable mRNA production, and then explores the affinity resin’s advantages over other mRNA purification techniques.

Key Objectives:
  • What mRNA vaccines and therapeutics are, and their great promise and potential advantages over rival biomedical technologies.
  • Why the existing methods for mRNA purification are not amenable to large scale mRNA manufacture.
  • How the Oligo (dt)25 affinity product works, and its advantages as a highly scalable mRNA purification product.

Brought to you by:
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Get in the mRNA vaccine race with affinity purification
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