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Improving the purification of modern biotherapeutics with antibody-based affinity chromatography
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Biotherapeutics are a powerful and widely researched class of drugs in the modern pharmaceutical industry. Biotherapeutics are produced in genetically engineered cell lines rather than by the traditional methods of synthetic organic chemistry. As a result, the drug molecule is accompanied by a complex stew of host cell proteins and cell debris. Biotherapeutics themselves are also getting more complex, and this complexity can become a source of impurities. To obtain high-purity biotherapeutics from these mixtures and impurities, scientists are adopting separation methods that offer better selectivity.

This whitepaper will explore the limitations of biologics manufacturing and protein A affinity chromatography. The benefits of antibody-based chromatography for biotherapeutic purification are described, including several case studies.

Key Objectives:
  • Challenges in purifying modern biopharmaceuticals from among host cell proteins.
  • Recent developments in affinity chromatography making the technology applicable to a wider range of compounds.
  • Development process of an antibody-based affinity chromatography resin.
  • Advantages of single-domain antibodies as an affinity ligand

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