C&EN White Paper
In pursuit of polymers that can protect the planet
Brought to you by Thermo Fisher Scientific

The steady stream of plastic production and consumption poses one of humanity’s biggest sustainability challenges, filling the seas and soil with waste that will take millennia to degrade. But a new generation of chemists is rising to meet this challenge. This white paper will look at some of the innovative research that can help make future plastic products more environmentally friendly and reusable, and reverse the accumulation of harmful polymer byproducts.

Key Objectives:
  • ‘Upcycling’ strategies that can turn plastic waste into useful polymers for making new products
  • Plant-derived polymers that can dramatically cut down on petroleum consumption without any compromise in quality
  • Polymers that efficiently extract toxic ‘forever chemicals’ from out of the water supply

Brought to you by:
Thermo Fisher Scientific
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