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Managing purity in vaccines: How advanced purification technologies are speeding the hunt for new protections against disease
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Purification is typically the most taxing and expensive stage of vaccine production. State-of-the-art affinity chromatography technologies have the potential to streamline vaccine purifications—and, therefore, accelerate vaccine development and ultimately their manufacture. This ebook explores in depth the use of affinity chromatography to accelerate vaccine development (chapter 1), to manufacture messenger RNA vaccines (chapter 2) and virus-like-particle vaccines (chapter 3), and to develop malaria vaccines (chapters 4 and 5).

Key Objectives:
  • Affinity chromatography has the potential to simplify and accelerate vaccine development and manufacture.
  • Affinity resins can be used to purify messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines, other mRNA therapeutics and virus-like-particle (VLP) vaccines.
  • The affinity tag C-tag is being used to accelerate the development of malaria vaccines.

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