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How can outsourcing buffer preparation help meet the world's urgent need for a COVID-19 vaccine?
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As the SARS-CoV-2 crisis maintains its grip on the world, the pressure to develop and distribute effective treatments and vaccines continues to mount. To spare as many people as possible from this deadly disease, treatments and vaccines that are developed for human use will need to be produced and distributed in massive quantities. So far, there is no approved treatments or vaccines available worldwide. To meet the worldwide demand, drug companies will have to scale up their manufacturing capabilities dramatically. In this planning, buffers must be taken into account. These solutions are indispensable for drug development and manufacturing processes and outsourcing can be essential to increasing manufacturing capacity and speed.

This whitepaper from Thermo Fisher Scientific explores the decisions and economics behind outsourcing buffer preparation.

Key Objectives:
  • Why buffers are important in the production of biologics and how decisions surrounding buffers can affect the manufacturing process
  • How buffer outsourcing can improve manufacturing process efficiency and enable fast scale-up
  • How to understand and assess the cost-efficiency and economics of buffer outsourcing

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How can outsourcing buffer preparation help meet the world's urgent need for a COVID-19 vaccine?
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