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The Grass Is Greener: Exploring the Promise of Soy as a Chemical Feedstock

Brought to you by the United Soybean Board

The chemicals in nearly every modern manufactured item can be traced back to an oil or natural gas well. But that is changing. In the search for more renewable and sustainable sources of chemicals, soybeans are emerging as a versatile and abundant chemical feedstock. Already, soybean-derived adhesives and plastics are showing up in products as diverse as kitchen cabinets and artificial turfs. Download the ebook to learn how soybeans are replacing petrochemicals in everyday products.

Key Objectives:
  • Soybean protein and oil are versatile feedstocks that can be applied in a range of different product types. Also, because plants can be engineered or bred to have certain characteristics, the chemical composition of soybean oil can be adjusted for different application needs.
  • Among crops, soybeans are globally abundant and require less fertilizer because they return nitrogen to the soil, making them a sustainable and abundant chemical feedstock.
  • Using soybeans as a source of chemicals has a long history, but new perspectives on safety and chemical innovations are now driving the development of more diverse applications.

Brought to you by:
United Soybean Board
United Soybean Board
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