C&EN White Paper
An examination of modern cross-coupling tools
Brought to you by Umicore PMC

Philip Wheeler, Business Development Manager at Umicore PMC, explores modern approaches in cross-coupling catalysis technologies and how recent developments are enabling innovative discoveries. Using some of the latest cross-coupling innovations as case studies, this whitepaper showcases how the researchers are overcoming modern hurdles to advance the field and extend the ability of this already versatile chemistry. These exciting new developments are paving the way toward new discoveries and greater optimization across an array of fields, including the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients and the development of ingredients for crop protection.

Key Objectives:
  • The current state of cross-coupling technology and how it helps enhance efficiency in key industries.
  • Recent innovations in the field of cross-coupling catalysis.
  • The importance of structure-activity relationships and the balance between activity and reactivity in cross-coupling catalyst development.
  • How these cutting-edge developments are driving innovation across a wide range of industries.

Brought to you by:
Umicore PMC
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