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Spurring automotive innovation with soy
Brought to you by United Soybean Board

Transportation is integral to the American way of life. However, the automotive industry is tied with the petrochemical industry, which has raised issues with environmental safety, climate change, and sustainability.

To address the issues of the environment, climate change, and sustainability in the automotive industry, researchers have been developing industrial and commercial products from soybean oil.  Many of the most exciting uses of the soy relate to products that can make cars and the driving experience itself more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Key Objectives:
  • Learn how soy-derived chemicals make hardier, more durable asphalt.
  • Find out how soy-based chemicals can be found in commercial tires.
  • Discover how car engines can run better with soy-based lubricants in motor oils.

Brought to you by:
United Soybean Board
Spurring automotive innovation with soy
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