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Colloidal Silica: Small Particles, Enormous Potential

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Aqueous colloidal silica, essentially made of just sand and water, is turning up in surprising ways at the forefront of research. A new collection of case studies highlights some of the exciting ways academic researchers are using colloidal silica to expand the frontiers of materials science. Nano-zeolites, bijels, and soft robots are among the novel applications featured in this new ebook: “Colloidal Silica: Small Particles, Enormous Potential”.

Concepts explained and research featured:

  • The properties and potential applications of colloidal silica
  • The role of colloidal silica in creating vehicles for storage and delivery of chemicals in personal care products
  • The emergence of highly versatile and stable material from an oil-and-water mixture by adding colloidal silica
  • The creation of conductive gels from colloidal silica that could provide building blocks for soft, flexible robots
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