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Advancing encapsulation technologies with colloidal silica
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Micro- and nanocapsules loaded with chemical payloads could provide a powerful tool for a wide range of industrial, medical, and commercial applications. Accordingly, the hunt is on for molecular building blocks that can be employed for the efficient, reproducible, and affordable assembly of such tiny vessels.

Colloidal silica offers a promising solution on this front. This material is a well-characterized, widely-used mainstay of the manufacturing and scientific world, and a number of research groups have demonstrated the feasibility of building colloidal silica-based capsules for the trapping and controlled release of a diverse range of cargos. This whitepaper looks at the current state of the field, the challenges remaining to be overcome, and the applications where colloidal silica encapsulation might prove most powerful.

Key Objectives:
  • Applications and scenarios where colloidal silica encapsulation might be an effective solution
  • The current state of the art in terms of methods for achieving encapsulation and controlled release under particular external conditions
  • Progress and challenges in the development and real-world deployment of colloidal silica-encapsulated products
  • Future opportunities to accelerate the commercialization of encapsulated products

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W. R. Grace & Co.
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