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Crunch Time

The versatility of colloidal silica coatings
comes to the fore in packaging potato chips

Brought to you by W. R. Grace & Co.

Surprisingly sophisticated chemical coating technology is all around us – even down to the humble potato chip packet. Despite being destined to be thrown into the trash at the end of the snack, potato chip packaging incorporates multiple layers of coating that ensure the packaging retains its bright and vibrant look, while preserving the look, taste, aroma and crunch of the product inside. Colloidal silica is a highly versatile material that can enhance the properties of many coatings – including those used for chip packaging. From improving ink absorption, to enhancing oxygen barrier properties, to making manufacturing easier, colloidal silica coatings have much to offer, in food packaging beyond.

Key Objectives:
  • Potato chip packaging is a technically demanding product involving multiple layers of coating, and an excellent example of coatings at work.
  • Colloidal silica nanoparticles can be incorporated into many types of coating to enhance coating performance.
  • Colloidal silica is already used industrially in many coating applications, and thanks to its versatile chemistry, has the potential to be applied to many more.

Brought to you by:
W. R. Grace & Co.
W. R. Grace & Co.
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