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Meeting neurodegenerative disease head-on with emerging drug discovery strategies
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Neurodegenerative diseases affect millions of people worldwide and will continue to be a leading cause of disease and disability as the world population ages. Yet effective treatments for these diseases remains an urgent unmet medical need, with limited therapeutics currently available. Challenges during the drug discovery and development process lead to longer development timelines and may exclude smaller innovators from entering the therapeutic space. New approaches are needed to spur innovation and introduce new treatments to the market.

Neurodegenerative disease drug development requires expertise that spans the gamut of pharmacological and preclinical investigations. Regardless of their size, innovators can benefit from partnering with a contract research services and technology provider during the drug development process. These organizations offer new approaches to drug target identification, lead follow-up, and preclinical animal models and read-outs. This whitepaper highlights how thoughtful consideration of a CRDMO/CTDMO partner can help companies meet neurodegenerative disease drug discovery head-on to develop the medications of the future.

Key Objectives:
  • Why developing new drugs to treat neurodegenerative diseases is critical to addressing unmet medical need
  • What challenges neurodegenerative disease drug developers face during the drug discovery and development process
  • How partnering with a CRDMO/CTDMO can help overcome these challenges
  • How recent scientific advances are driving a new approach to drug discovery
  • What to consider when choosing a CRDMO/CTDMO partner

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