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Light-scattering techniques to characterize therapeutic gene vectors
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Gene therapies are increasingly in clinical trials and they are predicted to regularly advance to market. These products use viruses or lipid nanoparticles as vectors to deliver genetic material. Their inherent complexity creates challenges for characterization.
Light-scattering analysis—either as a stand-alone method or combined with separation techniques—can quantify attributes associated with safety, efficacy, and potency. These methods rapidly characterize small lot-to-lot variations, which supports quick and thorough product development, process optimization, and quality control.
Download this ebook to learn how light-scattering and size separation methods are poised to help accelerate and safeguard gene therapy programs throughout development and into the clinic.

Key Objectives:
  • Overview of analytical techniques for gene therapy vectors including adeno-associated viruses, lentiviruses, adenoviruses, and lipid nanoparticles
  • Vector-specific guidance for selecting light-scattering analysis methods that quantify critical quality attributes (CQAs) such as particle size, concentration, and loading
  • Case studies showing how size separation and light scattering techniques determine several CQAs in a single analysis and provide real-time information to minimize production losses

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