From an extraordinary and highly competitive field of nominees, we are pleased to announce the three winners of the 2019 ACS Nano Lectureship Awards:

Americas - Naomi Halas
Halas is the Stanley C. Moore Professor in Electrical & Computer Engineering; Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Physics & Astronomy; and Director of the Laboratory for Nanophotonics at Rice University. She is a pioneer in the field of nanoplasmonics, and her work includes creating the concept of the tunable plasmon, generating nanoparticles with resonances that span the visible and infrared regions of the spectrum, and innovating the use of plasmonic nanoparticles in biomedical and energy applications. 

Asia/Pacific - Bin Liu
Liu is Provost’s Chair Professor and Head of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the National University of Singapore. Her research focuses on the design and synthesis of organic nanomaterials and explores their applications in optoelectronic devices and biomedical research, including advances in solar cells, bioimaging, and cancer therapy.

Europe/Africa/Middle East - Jamie Warner
Warner is Professor of Materials and Royal Society University Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. His research focuses on the atomic-level structure and dynamics of low-dimensional nanomaterials using aberration-corrected transmission electron microscopy and spectroscopy, providing foundational studies into the fundamental behavior of vacancies, dislocations, single-atom dopants, atomic impurities, grain boundaries, and interfaces in two-dimensional materials such as graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides systems.

The lectureships and companion lectures will be presented on August 18 at ChinaNano. In the meantime, read our interviews with this year's winners

Past Winners

Americas - Zhenan Bao, Stanford University
Asia/Pacific - Zhongfan Liu, Peking University
Europe/Africa/Middle East - Jonathan Coleman, Trinity College Dublin

Americas - Teri Odom, Northwestern University
Asia/Pacific - Hui-Ming Cheng, Shenyang National Laboratory for Materials Science
Europe/Africa/Middle East - David Norris, ETH Zürich

Americas — Christopher Murray, University of Pennsylvania
Asia/Pacific — Lifeng Chi, Soochow University
Europe/the Middle East/Africa — Andrea Ferrari, University of Cambridge

Americas – Peidong Yang, University of California, Berkeley
Asia/Pacific –  Hua Zhang, Nanyang Technological University
Europe/Middle East/Africa – Maurizio Prato, University of Trieste

Americas – Chad Mirkin, Northwestern University
Asia/Pacific – Amanda S. Barnard, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization 
Europe/Middle East/Africa – Klaus Müllen, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research

Americas – Zhong Lin Wang, Georgia Institute of Technology
Asia/Pacific – Kian Ping Loh, National University of Singapore 
Europe/Middle East/Africa – Itamar Willner, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Americas – James M. Tour, Rice University 
Asia/Pacific – Frank Caruso, University of Melbourne
Europe/Middle East/Africa – Luis M. Liz-Marzán, CIC biomaGUNE
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