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Insights into Protein Stability in Pharmaceutical Formulations

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Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy is a very sensitive method that has been successfully employed in the field of protein biochemistry.  This method allows for the accurate characterization of the secondary structure of proteins in aqueous solutions as well as the identification and quantification of conformational changes. FTIR spectroscopy has proven to be very useful, especially in the field of pharmaceutical formulation of therapeutic proteins, such as Antibodies. Further, the routine determination of protein stability under varying conditions is a challenging task that is important for assessing long-term viability.

Key Learning Objective

  • Conditions that allow protein to remain stable
  • How to assess protein structures in aqueous solutions
  • Identification and quantification of conformational changes in protein structures
  • Routine determination of protein stability under varying conditions

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An Insight into Stable and Unstable Protein Formulation

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