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October 18/19 - ChemRxiv visiting Frankfurt Book Fair
This fall, our Senior Product Manager Ben Mudrak will be visiting the first two days of the Frankfurt Book Fair. We are excited to be a part of one of the world’s premier publishing trade shows, and we look forward to making new connections and better understanding how ChemRxiv can fit into the scholarly publishing landscape. If you will be attending the Fair and would like to meet, please contact us at so we can make arrangements! 

August 23 – Take our 2nd annual community survey
With the positive response to last year’s inaugural ChemRxiv Community Survey, we have launched another in 2023. Please take a few minutes to tell us your thoughts on preprints in general and which potential new features for ChemRxiv you consider most helpful. The survey takes only 6 to 8 minutes to complete, and your answers will be kept anonymous. If you complete the survey before September 12, you’ll have the opportunity to enter a drawing for one of three $50 gift cards as a thank you for sharing your feedback! 

August 13 – ChemRxiv hosts happy hour event at ACS Fall 2023
ChemRxiv teamed with ACS on Campus to sponsor a pub trivia happy hour event during the ACS Fall 2023 meeting in San Francisco, CA. Thank you to the many researchers who joined us for some snacks and networking! We hope to continue events like these at future chemistry meetings. 
June 13 - ChemRxiv launches new commenting feature
As part of ChemRxiv’s mission to foster connections among the chemistry community, we are pleased to announce that a commenting feature has been added to the site. Readers who log in with their ORCID may now leave a signed comment on any preprint page. We hope that this enables discussion of related work, questions or clarifications to the preprint, and other opportunities to build collaborations. All comments must adhere to our new Commenting Policy, and if you see anything that you feel is not appropriate, please report it with the button found next to the comment. Happy commenting!

March 27 - ChemRxiv adds two new members to its Scientific Advisory Board
ChemRxiv is pleased to welcome Professor Felipe Herrera from the University of Santiago, Chile and Professor Shu-Li You from the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry to its Scientific Advisory Board. The Scientific Advisory Board is a global group of advisors who support the management of ChemRxiv by providing feedback on its scope and policies. The Board features 28 renowned researchers from 17 countries working across diverse subject areas who act as liaisons for their peers in the scientific community.

You can read brief interviews with our newest additions online, or browse the full list of Board members on our About page.

February 9 - ChemRxiv included in Clarivate’s Preprint Citation Index
Clarivate recently unveiled the Preprint Citation Index, which integrates preprints from trusted sources into Web of 
Science for greater ease of discovery and connection to subsequent peer-reviewed publications. ChemRxiv was one 
of five preprint servers selected for inclusion at launch.


Join us at ACS Fall in Chicago to celebrate five years of ChemRxiv
August 22 at 1:00 - 1:30pm CDT, ACS Exhibition Booth Theater, McCormick Place Convention Center, Chicago, IL
Join Dr. Ben Mudrak, Senior Product Manager of ChemRxiv, in a panel discussion with Dr. Neil Hammond, Publisher for Open Access Journals at the Royal Society of Chemistry, and Dr. Julia Kalow, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Northwestern University. They will discuss the benefits of ChemRxiv and preprints, key milestones of ChemRxiv, and what the future holds for ChemRxiv. Join us in the theater to find out more and get some ChemRxiv swag!

July 6 - Frontiers journals now available through Direct Journal Transfer
The ChemRxiv Direct Journal Transfer program has expanded yet again with the addition of 11 journals published by Frontiers. Six publishers are now participating in the transfer program, and an up-to-date list of journals, including all Frontiers titles, can be found on our Direct Journal Transfer page.

June 28 - CCS Chemistry joins Direct Journal Transfer
We are delighted to announce that CCS Chemistry, the flagship journal from our partner organization the Chinese Chemical Society, is now a destination journal for ChemRxiv authors through Direct Journal Transfer. The Chinese Chemical Society is the fifth publisher in the transfer program, and you can find CCS Chemistry alongside an up-to-date list of destination journals on our Direct Journal Transfer page.

February 28 - ChemRxiv now accepts reviews
We’re pleased to announce that now authors can send preprints of review articles to ChemRxiv! We accept reviews that provide well-developed context for previous research from multiple sources. For more information, please see our submission FAQs or this blog post.

February 17 - Beilstein-Institut joins Direct Journal Transfer
The Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry is now available as a destination for ChemRxiv’s Direct Journal Transfer system. The Beilstein-Institut is the fourth publisher to join the program, expanding options for our authors to publish their work. You can view our updated Direct Journal Transfer page any time for a full list of publishers and journals in the program. For more information, see this announcement.

February 8 - ChemRxiv announces pilot with CHORUS
ChemRxiv recently entered into a pilot program with CHORUS, an industry data provider that helps tie together various stakeholders involved in scholarly research. The pilot will involve the creation of a preprint dashboard that will help connect preprints to peer-reviewed work, funding sources, and related objects such as datasets. For more information, see CHORUS’ announcement.


November 8 - ChemRxiv adds video guide series
In response to questions about the new platform, we have prepared a series of video guides to walkthrough how to use the ChemRxiv site, including submitting content, creating a new version, and using Direct Journal Transfer. Video guides are embedded in related sections of our submission guide and FAQs, but the full array of video guides are always available here.

Sept 21 - ChemRxiv surpasses 10,000 preprints posted
With the posting of “Single-Macromolecular Level Imaging of a Hydrogel Structure” by researchers from Hokkaido University and Tohoku University: Ryuji Kiyama, Takayuki Nonoyama, Sedlacik Tomas, Hiroshi Jinnai, and Jian Ping Gong, ChemRxiv how has posted over 10,000 preprints all-time. Read more about why the authors submitted to ChemRxiv in this blog post.

June 17 - ChemRxiv relaunches on Cambridge Open Engage
We are proud to announce the transition of ChemRxiv to the Cambridge Open Engage Platform. Authors will benefit from the high-quality content, policies, and features with a new and improved user experience. All prior content and user accounts were carried over to the new site. Read more about the platform transition in this blog post.

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