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An Innovative Approach to Rotary Evaporator Design

Brought to you by Ecodyst


Rotary evaporators are the workhorse machines of organic chemistry, from academic labs to pharmaceutical R&D and the rapidly growing cannabis oil industry. The fundamental design of rotavaps had changed little over the past 50 years.

Now, a new rotavap design, based on a highly efficient combined chiller/condenser unit, has been developed by US company Ecodyst. The Ecodyst is compact, fast, efficient, and readily scalable from research- to industrial-scale.

Key Learning Objective

  • How rotary evaporators are used in chemistry, and the basics of how they work
  • How the traditional design of rotary evaporators has some issues in terms of usability, efficiency and environmental footprint
  • How an innovative design of rotavap, developed by Ecodyst, is smaller in lab footprint, yet faster, more efficient and more convenient than the traditional design
  • How the Ecodyst design is highly scalable, and is proving to be the perfect technology for the rapidly growing cannabis product industry

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An Innovative Approach to Rotary Evaporator Design

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