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Advanced technology platforms to define Pharma-CMO relationships for APIs through to 2030

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The number of technology platforms utilized in the chemical synthesis of actives, intermediates and other complex substances across pharmaceutical and biotechnology markets has rapidly expanded since 2000. Prior to that time, most small molecule APIs were relatively simply, and could be manufactured with ‘classical’ chemistry technologies. However today, many small molecule APIs in clinical development require multiple advanced technologies for a single synthetic sequence.

Examples include high potency APIs, continuous processes, synthesis and conjugation with PEGs and mPEGs, carbohydrate chemistry, polymer APIs, microbial fermentation, biocatalysis, and cryogenic chemistry. It is challenging for any single pharmaceutical company or contract manufacturing organization (CMO) to develop a portfolio of advanced technologies that can accommodate the needs of all process steps involved in the production of such complex APIs.

Key Learning Objective

  • Case studies on how a portfolio of advanced technologies can be combined for complex projects.
  • Combination of highly pure PEGs, catalysis technologies and downstream processing to create a cGMP process for a novel API
  • Use of a modular plant for the continuous processing of an API at pilot scale under cGMP conditions
  • Combination of HPAPI, catalysis, cryogenic and organometallic chemistry technologies for highly potent API requiring a complex manufacturing process

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Advanced technology platforms to define Pharma-CMO relationships for APIs through to 2030

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