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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ACS Industry Insider?
The ACS Industry Insider is a monthly newsletter that is available for five different industries. Each newsletter provides free access to exclusive ACS content, like journal articles and book chapters, that would otherwise require a subscription to read. The links inside each of the newsletters unlock the content.

How do I sign up or adjust my preferences?
Just visit the ACS Publications Preference Center or the Industry Insider sign up page.

What industries are available?
We provide exclusive access to content roughly aligned with the following industries:

  • Energy & Transportation
  • Electronics (including related physical chemistry)
  • Biotechnology and Pharma
  • Agriculture, Food & Environment
  • Materials Science

When and how often is it provided?
The ACS Industry Insider newsletters are sent via email, typically on the first day of each month in the morning (EST).

How do I access the free content provided by the ACS Insider newsletters?
Unless you are at a subscribing institution, the only way to access the full-text of the content is by clicking on the links provided in the email newsletters.

How long will I have to read the content?
The links provided inside each newsletter will unlock content for the duration of the month in which the email was sent. So, if you receive your email on October 1, the links will work until October 31 of that same month.

What if I already have subscription access through my company/university?
We still encourage you to sign up. The insider is a great way to stay connected with top discoveries in your industry. As an added advantage, you can read these articles from your cell phone without authenticating through your company or university. This service is intended to be fast, informative and simple. It is also worth noting that very few organizations have access to everything we publish (Journals, Books, News), so you are almost certain to find something of value that you would not be able to access otherwise.

What type of content will I receive?
Regular content supplied in the newsletters is selected from ACS Journals, eBook Chapters, and occasionally C&EN articles. You’ll also get early access to specialty content like white papers, case studies, and posters.

Is this content available anywhere else?
Not unless your organization is a subscriber to all of the ACS publications featured. When we select content for the insiders, we look for content that is not freely available by some other mechanism - such as open access.

Is there a license associated with this content?
Yes: by signing up for or receiving the newsletter or by accessing the content, you agree to the ACS Free to Read License. This means you don’t own the content, it is not for non-commercial purposes, you can’t modify it, you can’t warehouse it, you can’t make derivative works, you can’t sell it, you can’t post your link online, and such.

Can I share this newsletter?
Please do! The best way is to refer your friends to the Industry Insider sign up page and let them select their own industries of interest. We don’t recommend forwarding your email. We monitor our platform for abuse and excessive access via the links in your email could flag your address as being compromised. When that happens, your access may be shut off.  Please note that downloading content to share is prohibited by the terms of use. 

Who selects the content and how?
The ACS Editorial team assists in selecting the content. They are very close to current trends in each industry because they are exposed to the hundreds of thousands of manuscripts submitted to the ACS each year. When selecting content, we may consider: an author’s reputation or “rock star” status, an article’s demand or readership, the importance of a topic, current events, and effectiveness of the writing. We show some preference for articles that cross multiple disciplines or feature “out of the box” thinking. For example, an article that solves a problem in electronics by modeling a biological system.

What if I’m the author of one of the articles selected?
Congratulations on your exceptional work! And thank you for trusting the ACS with your investment. Being featured in an Industry Insider won’t hurt you at all; in fact, it can help get you and your work a lot of exposure. Exposure leads to citations and more citations elevate your “rock star” status. Want more exposure? Consider publishing your article Open Access. You can even retroactively make your articles open, increasing your readership and exposure.

How long do I have to read the free content?
Each industry insider provides exclusive access to 5 articles. The links in the email are the only way you can access these articles. The links remain open for one month.

What is the cost?
There is no cost to sign up for the Industry Insider.

How many industries can I sign up for?
You can sign up for all five if you like. Each one will provide exclusive access to different content. There will be little or no overlap in content. This means that if you sign up for all of them, you’ll get exclusive access to as many as 300 articles per year.

Will use of the exclusive content impact my company’s annual subscription fee?
No. Use of free content does not impact your fees in any way.