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Chemical Waste:
The True Cost of Inefficient Inventory Management
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For many companies, chemical inventory management is a way to ensure a safe environment for employees as well as for the neighboring community—while never being short of a needed reagent. C&EN BrandLab surveyed readers on behalf of Merck/MilliporeSigma to learn how professionals manage chemical inventory and comply with regulations. Across industries and occupations, a vast majority felt that their biggest problem was that they lacked real-time information and automatic updates on the status and location of chemicals they needed. This lack of information led to decreased productivity and increased waste. These issues highlight the importance of chemical inventory management systems that are accurate, robust, and easy to use.

Key Objectives:
  • Chemical inventory management is a complex process, and many chemists feel they lack the real-time information they need to find and use chemicals efficiently.
  • Inefficient chemical management practices can take a significant toll on companies in terms of time and money wasted.
  • Regulatory and safety issues can occur in laboratories if chemical inventories are not managed effectively.

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