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Innovations Webinar

Fueling the Pipeline via Innovations in Organic Synthesis

Held on Monday November 8th, 2021

Eric A. Voight, Ph.D.

Dani Schultz, Ph.D.  

Efficient and innovative Organic Synthesis can reduce cycle time and cost of goods for Pharmaceutical R and D operations. Of late, significant efforts within the Industry have been expended to utilize specialized synthesis teams in the Discovery space. These teams provide, amongst other things, specialist synthetic expertise, including the ability to rapidly solve difficult synthesis challenges and identify new and efficient routes to key target molecules. This impacts the early-stage production of larger quantities of key target molecules and provides workable synthetic routes to development candidates that can be effectively handed off to Process Chemistry groups. Two such groups are in place at AbbVie and Merck. Eric Voight (AbbVie) will give our 2nd ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters Innovations Webinar entitled "Fueling the Pipeline via Innovations in Organic Synthesis" and will be introduced by Dani Schultz from the Merck group. The overarching theme of the talk and discussions will be centered around the demonstration of the high value of such Synthesis groups in the Discovery space.

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