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ACS Institute

The ACS Institute is a comprehensive and authoritative learning catalog supporting the broad chemistry community across the spectrum of learning – foundational education, career expertise, and professional development. This platform, developed collaboratively by ACS Publications and the ACS Education Division, features a gallery of curated and expert-vetted courses. On-demand courses from ACS Publications within the ACS Institute include ACS Author Lab, ACS Essentials of Lab Safety for General Chemistry, Reduce the Spread of Viruses, ACS Reviewer Lab and more to come!
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ACS Center for Lab Safety

The ACS Center for Lab Safety supports and promotes the safe, ethical, responsible, and sustainable practice of chemistry through easy access to authoritative tools, education, training, and guidance. The latest on-demand course from ACS Publications offered here is ACS Essentials of Lab Safety for General Chemistry.  This 90-minute course developed by leading lab safety experts will provide general chemistry students with an introduction to critical lab safety skills and set a defined standard for safety.

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SciMeetings, developed by ACS Publications in collaboration with other ACS divisions, helps presenters increase the global visibility of the research they present at conferences. Launched as a solution for sharing the science intended for the terminated ACS Spring 2020 event, SciMeetings became the official archive and repository for ACS Meetings & Expositions abstracts and select posters or presentations. Documents uploaded to benefit from a citable DOI, an open access license, and being indexed on the ACS Publications platform and Google Scholar.

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ACS Author Lab

Master the preparation and publication of scientific manuscripts with ACS Author Lab. Scientific writing skills are critical to success. Scientists at all stages of their careers rely on writing skills in order to advance their education, get published, and secure grants—but few have any formal training. ACS Author Lab, developed by ACS editors and ACS Publications staff, provides relevant and specific instruction not just for writing scientific manuscripts, but also for preparing figures and the publishing process itself.

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ACS Digital Books

ACS eBooks contain peer-reviewed, novel research that provide a deeper look into a topic. Our eBooks cover research from 1949 to the present and provide over 37,000 chapters across more than 1,600 books, including the work of 41 Nobel Laureates.
ACS In Focus digital books are four- to six-hour reads, delivered in our new e-reader platform. Renowned ACS In Focus authors cover a broad range of emerging topics, important techniques, related business and industry applications, and careers options.

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ACS Center for Chemistry in Practice

The ACS Center for Chemistry in Practice features the intersection of chemistry with diverse fields and delivers real-world applications of how chemical principles affect healthcare, emergency response, agriculture, forensics, and more. On-demand courses from ACS Publications include Reduce the Spread of Viruses, a Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning Bronze-Awarded course. Reduce the Spread of Viruses was developed by leading experts in medicinal chemistry, infectious disease and healthcare and aims to give professionals the tools they need to reduce the spread of viruses in their workplaces. 

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