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Navigating High Purity Waters with Spectrum Chemical

Brought to you by Spectrum Chemical MFG Corp


There are more than 20 different commercially available grades of high purity water, plus equipment and technology for producing these water grades in-house.

This white paper is intended to help readers navigate the selection process for many different grades of high purity water and their various applications, and to help determine whether to produce the required water in-house or to outsource.

Key Learning Objective

  • The reader will learn the various grades of high purity water, including terminology and resources for learning more.
  • The reader will learn which application-specific grades to use for their own processes through a decision flow chart.
  • The reader will learn decision criteria for outsourcing high purity water versus producing in-house.

Brought to you by:
Spectrum Chemical

Navigating High Purity Waters

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